Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter 2006: Power of Prayer

The holidays are fast approaching. Blink fast and we will be in 2007 before we know it. Again, where does the time go by?? I haven't been on the computer much during the past few months. My health hasn't been the greatest--nothing major but it is the minor things that add up which just tend to make life MORE...hmmm...what is the word I am looking for...INTERESTING!! I guess.
My bones are so brittle from years of prednisone and chemotherapy that I am having lots of trouble with fractures. One wrong sneeze could result in broken ribs. Not a lot of fun if you know what I mean!! I didn't realize how badly my bones were until I reached down to play with our kitten and fractured my humeral head (which is the top part of the shoulder area) OUCH!! I have done that twice now. I need to have surgery on it but the doc doesn't want to do the surgery because of my lungs (and I really prefer to stay out of the hospital AND of of the O.R.!! if at all possible)
So, this is one of the reasons why I haven't been on the computer much these past few months...dealing with various aches and pains. However, I have to admit that dealing with this has deepened my strength in the power of prayer. PRAYER IS SO AWESOME!! It is truly the greatest gift we can give to another person...and it is FREE!!! I wish more people would understand the power of prayer.
There have been so many times in my life when I have been burdened and I have just "let go and let God". To do this, I realize, takes a tremendous amount of faith...but isn't that the "definition of faith"...believing in something or someone in spite of all else?? Everyone time I have given my burdens to God, I have been comforted and things have worked out. Sometimes I don't even realize that things ARE working out...but only later when I reflect on things...I go AH!! God does work in mysterious ways.
So, in this time of hustle and bustle, please remember the TRUE reason for the season. It is our Lord's Birthday. Make Joyful noise. St. Francis of Assisi said, "Those who sing, pray twice"...Sing those Christmas Carols LOUDLY and with heartfelt joy in your heart for Christ our Saviour was born!! He lived and died for our sins and will one day come be one kind to one another...and remember...God is ALWAYS just have to ASK Him...invite him into your heart.
Please keep signing the guestbook. It keeps me motivated and lets me know that there STILL are people out there looking at the site which keeps me updating it each month:)
Until next time...May the new year be filled with peace, happiness, and good health,


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