Sunday, March 8, 2009


A few of my favorite things?? Geez, I could go on forever....let's see....well..obviously, I think my husband is pretty awesome. He is truly a saint among men!!

I also have to say that I have a sweet little ragdoll cat (when she is not being a monster!!), but that is pretty typical of most three year olds, right?? Of course, I love ALL Ragdolls (really most cats--all right, just call me an animal lover!! I love most animals except maybe snakes!!) My fave BIG animals would probably be the big cats like tigers or lions--just gorgeous and I just love dolphins. I think that they are just so happy and smart.

I have a tremendous love of our Lord who is constantly guiding my life and without Him, I would be nothing. Also, my faith keeps me from becoming very sorrowful as I deal with my CNS lupus and all of the other problems that go with it. Without my faith, I really don't know how I could have survived one day. Prayer works in such powerful ways in my life and I would have to say we have had several "mini-miracles".

I have friends that have been loyal to me and who I know I can call anytime day or night and they would be there for me--whenever I need them--without question or complaint. That is what a true friend is!

Although I have a small "biological family", I have sort of made my own family--been adopted by sisters, and aunties, etc all over the nation. It can never replace your true family but sometimes you do need to have someone around (especially if you live far away from your family and this is really a wonderful idea for ALL involved!!)

I also LOVE my angels (my guardian angels) and all of my Saints) and of course, I have already mentioned God. Mary, has a very special place in my heart as well.

Books: I am a voracious reader. I sometimes have four or five books going at a time. I just LOVE to read...have been reading ever since I was a kid (thanks, Mom and Dad for giving me such a wonderful addiction!!) Anyway, I read pretty much ALL genres except for ONE--western. Just have never been able to get into those. Anything else--I will at least pick it up and read a chapter or two. What book would I take on a deserted island? That's totally easy--the Bible, of course, It has everything--even POETRY!!

Movies--let's just say...I LOVE TCM (Turner Classic Movie Channel--pretty much whatever is on that channel is something that I would like to watch. I just LOVE the classic movies. Call me an old fogy--but I really don't like all of the violence, all of the nudity, cursing, etc. When did it become necessary in order to tell a GREAT story??? And it just seems like our youth has become so used to it--that is what is REALLY scary!! If you go to my profile, you can see all of my favorite books and movies--I don't want to BORE you with all of the DETAILS--but if I could only take ONE movie somewhere--I would probably pick Gone With the Wind (have seen umpteen bazillion times but I just LOVE it!! You just KNOW Rhett is going to come back through those doors, don't ya?)

Other things I love??

Sounds: rain on the roof, children's laughter, someone with a beautiful voice sing the Ave Maria (that will bring tears to my eyes!!), the waves crashing on the beach, windchimes tinkling in the wind...

Smells--I love the smell of our church :) (the candles and incense), fresh bread baking, the saltiness of the ocean, , vanilla, my hubby has the BEST smell!!), a baby fresh out of a bath--all powdered!

Tastes-Cupcakes (I am a CUPCAKE fiend!! Cupcakes are great!!), Lobster Tails (yummy!!) guacamole (Tom makes some KILLER guac!!), mangos

Places: Hawaii (we were married there so it will ALWAYS have my heart :), Paris, France (for some reason, I feel SO connected to Paris. Before I had the stroke, we were able to travel there a number of times and each time I would get that feeling like I have lived a life here before, you know?? So weird. Just love it there, though, and SOMEDAY, we will get back there!!


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