Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Round of doctors...another round of prayers answered but questions unanswered...

Okay, I went and saw a BUNCH of docs lately (and still have a few more to go see)...but the important news is this--my lungs are completely CLEAR. WOO HOO!! No more nodules. Doing a happy dance. My lung doc informed me that the "stuff--i.e. nodules were quite large--and also were numerous. He wasn't very happy to find out that my rheumie was asking me if I would again consider going back on the Enbrel (which my lung doctor believes was the main culprit in lowering my immune system to the crazy level where I got some really weirdo lung infection that basically took over my lungs--kind of like tuberculosis) My rheumatologist, though, (and I can see her side of the picture as well--says how well it helped with my headaches and diarrhea (oops--TMI, I am sorry--but the second ailment was so severe that I literally was homebound because of it. When I was taking Enbrel, it was the first time in almost 25 years that I could really have a somewhat "normal" life--except for ONE thing--my lungs became all gunked up within 2-4 months. So, of course, I just have to deal with the headaches and tummy trouble because I can't go back on that med which crashes my immune system (I am also on 3 other immunosuppresent "chemo" meds and then steroids which don't help matters any.

SIGH!! And STILL, with all of these meds...I have such awful headaches.

As I said...I still have another round of docs to go to--and one of those happen to be the neurologist. So, we shall see what he recommends. He is just THRILLED that I am still alive. Apparently, according to my MRI films, I have a "big hole" in my brain and I should be just grateful to be functioning as well as I am. He is always just amazed at how well I get around (as if I should just be sitting there drooling in the corner or something?? I am not sure what he really expects?? However, I am extremely stubborn--so if anything, they (docs) should all expect me to give them one HECK of a time. LOL!!

Anyway...that's the update for now. Again....thank you SO much for all of your prayers. The power of prayer is JUST amazing--isn't it?? Do you have a story about how the power of prayer in your life?? Do you have any tips for trying to deal with "dueling docs"?

Again--take care and SMILE at a stranger :)

Gentle hugs


Rochelle said...

Wow. I am so glad to hear that things are looking up. It's always so draining to go to such a vast array of docs, so I will continue praying for you. The power of prayer is indeed quite amazing.

Be blessed... and keep that head up!! :)

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