Monday, November 10, 2008

August 2001 Losing my vision but not my hope

August was a rough month for me (seems as if the past few months I start out the update this way...hmmm..need to think more positively :).....Anyway, my vision is getting worse (I have a rare disorder called Tonic Pupils) I am going to a big research facility next month so please keep me in your prayers that the doctor there will be able to help me. It is almost impossible to work on the computer at the moment because I can not see. This makes things very frustrating because my website is truly my life's work. As I have stated before, it is a labor of love and when I work on my website, I always feel more at peace.So, please continue to bear with me....I hope to add at least SOME new content monthly. I love receiving your guestbook entries and emails. They keep me going.Remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel...and God is always with you!May the peace and love of God fill you, mind, body and spirit!Until next time...Gentle hugs,Shelley


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