Monday, November 10, 2008

October 2001 Even in our darkest days...God is here.

I have thought a lot about how to start off my update this month. I feel the need to send out my thoughts and prayers to all of you as we try to understand how such evil and hatred can exist. It is SO important that we pray...I believe that prayer can overcome so much evil in the world. We must have faith that there is a reason for this and sometimes....when we are aching or suffering such horrendous pain or loss...well, it is just really hard to have faith. Just remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Even in our darkest days, God is just have to let Him know that you need Him.As for me, so many of you wrote and asked how I was doing since I didn't really update for September. Thank ALL of you for keeping tracking of me :) I am still having some trouble with my vision. We went to see a top specialist at a major research hospital and guess what? I stumped even him. Apparently, I have tonic pupils but no one knows why and there isn't any treatment really available. The GOOD news is that it won't get worse. Also, right now I am dealing with a possible hip dislocation. All the years of being on corticosteroids are catching up with me.However, I am finding such strength from your emails and guestbook entries. You all keep me going. I really believe that this is God's plan for me and when I feel well enough to work on my pain is not as pain. It really distracts me. Definitely a blessing.Today take time out to call a friend that you know who might be lonely or sick....check in with an elderly neighbor...hold the door open for someone...give your child, spouse, parent, friend a big hug...JUST BECAUSE!! .I promise you that you will feel SO much better. Lastly, take time out to feel the gentle breeze or feel the warm sun...or listen to the rain....just take a moment to REALLY feel the beauty that still remains. Together we can all make it a better world. Goodness always wins over evil!Until next month,Shelley


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