Sunday, November 9, 2008

April 2001 Sorry I have been crabby BUT...

This month has been very frustrating-physically and emotionally. My health seems to be getting worse each day and it is frustrating because my docs can not seem to agree on anything. Emotionally, it is hard because I just want ONE of my docs to say...this is what the problem is...this is how we treat by day goes by and I wake up and do the same thing all over again....which is what EVERYONE does..I know...but I never know if it is going to be a physically good day or bad day...if I will be able to see, walk, breathe. When I started doing this updates, I felt a bit weird sharing this stuff with you; however, I get SO many emails from people that they enjoy this part of my website...or that it helped them in some I will continue to share my story. Of course, normally I am pretty upbeat and try to smile a lot...but this month, I have been very cranky and crabby (and I want to apologize to my husband, first and foremost....he takes such good care of me...), but I also want to apologize to my friends. Please don't feel as if I am shutting you out right now...I just really don't feel very well...and am taking it minute by minute. Hang in all who reading this....remember that God is always waiting for you. You just have to call his name. I PROMISE....he will not forsake you! Until next month, Shelley


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