Monday, November 10, 2008

May/June 2002 No News is GOOD news, right?

June is here...time for graduations, weddings, Flag Day, Father's Day, and lots of special Feast days in June to honor Jesus and also his mother, Mary. Check out the calendar section for the feast days.Congrats to all those who are graduating or getting married this month :) Also, special prayers to all of the dads out there for Father's Day. Visit the St. Joseph page to find out more about Jesus' father here on earth...St. Joseph was a wonderful man...not much is mentioned about him in scripture but just like Mary...he said YES to God and took care of Mary and Jesus (as so many men today do within their own families) St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers (among lots of other causes such as a happy death, carpenters, etc)Again, I must thank each and every person who has taken the time out to either sign my guest book or send a private email. Also, I am so grateful for all of your prayers. I am so very blessed to be able to strength, inspiration, and courage from YOU!!I suppose I should give a health update but I am always a bit hesitant because nothing really seems to change or things get worse, etc...and I think...well WHO wants to hear that...but it is those moments when I have to remember emails or guestbook notes which encourage me to share my I shall continue to share my story with God's grace (I hope!!) Anyway, I suppose if I look at things optimistically, I haven't been in the hospital in the past two months and for the past two years, I have been averaging a hospital stay every 60 days. LOL! I am trying my hardest to lower the prednisone but as I lower the meds, my lupus flares up so I get very tired and lots of pain and just a myriad of other problems...sort of like stabbing a hornet's nest!I just want to close by thanking my husband, family, friends, and my special email friends who have been so supportive and encouraging these past few months. Your thoughts and prayers help me to get through the darkest days.Until next month...Gentle hugs,Shelley


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