Monday, November 10, 2008

Spring 2005 Smile: It's Contagious:)

It has been so long since I have updated my blog. Since then, our beloved "Papa", Pope John Paul II has passed away. As I said on my web site, I truly felt like a bright light had been extinguished from the earth. He was just so very, very good...he just sparkled with radiance, goodness, and kindness.
However, I am glad that he no longer has to suffer. He was such an example to me on how to suffer with grace and dignity. I would see him travel around the world and continue with his work and handle difficult situations...and just be amazed. I will continue to use his as my inspiration. He will forever be in my heart.
As for my health, I had a bit of scare. To make a very long story short, my coumadin level was really messed up so I was bleeding internally (except I didn't realize it) Again, my angels were looking out for me, though. The ER docs and nurses said that they had NEVER seen a person with a PT/INR (a blood test) level that high before (and the person was still conscious) I was admitted to the hospital. (there were not enough rooms so we had to wait until they could transfer me up to the intermediate floor--sort of between ICU and the regular medical floor)
Our priest came to give me the sacrament of the sick. It was such a wonderful visit and really helped to boost my spirits as well. During the visit, I was getting a transfusion of "Fresh Frozen Plasma" to try to thicken my blood back up.
I was supposed to go from the ER up to the Intermediate Care floor but guess what? The next morning, my blood work came back, and my level had dropped down to a level where my docs felt comfortable enough to let me go home. YEA!!! The power of FAITH, PRAYER, (and persistance!!!) Ha ha!
Your guestbook comments and private emails continue to encourage and inspire me. I consider myself blessed to be able to share this website with you:) This website is truly a labor of love.
It is going to take me a while to update the new Pope's information but I am going to get it done so please look forward to that update. You can always get information at The Vatican Site
Well, I should end for now. As always, I appreciate all of your guestbook comments and private emails and I always try to return each and every one (just remember to provide a return email)
Remember to SMILE at one another
Until next time.....
Gentle hugs and Peace,


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