Monday, November 10, 2008

July 2003 Hey, Stop squeezing me so Tight!!

Well, I guess I am going to TRY to get up to speed with the rest of the world and try to "blog" in hopes that this will speed up my website. If I continue at this rate, My story page is going to really S-L-O-W down the works...eventually I will have to start to archive OR I guess I will try to know what they say about teaching old dogs new bear with me.Anyway, hopefully, this will benefit everyone...I envision someone out there with a slow connection grumbling...thinking...hrumph...this BETTER be worth it...and then thinking..I WAITING this long for THIS...LOL!As always, life is an hang on, right? Lately, I really have had to draw on a lot of faith and probably the strength and power of all of the prayers that I know I have in my life. I remind myself what St. Therese said about "Jesus squeezing her too tightly" when she was in so much pain...and she would ask Jesus to stop squeezing her so when I get to that point...I do the same...and seems as if the pain subsides and I am able to bear it out.I have battled infections after infections and then found out I have kidney stones I have been trying to flush them out as any sort of procedure with all of my other medical conditions (and being on blood thinners, chemo, and steroids) is really not an option that I want to consider.Always an adventure. Life is never boring, huh??Remember to pray for one another. It truly is the greatest gift we can give to one another...and it is FREE!! Yet, think how precious and powerful it is!! HOW AWESOME it is!! Pray for someone today!! You will feel so much better! Promise :)Well, I guess I will end this blog for now.Until next time,Gentle hugs,Shelley


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