Sunday, November 9, 2008

March 2001 Hey...Why are YOU smiling at me??

Today is the first day of Lent and I am trying to decide what I can do for Lent to show Jesus how much I appreciate his dying on the cross for me. I am still pondering. I do know that I want to try to be kinder to those I meet...even if it just means to make eye contact more and smile at those I meet...I really want to try. Of course, in this day and age, people are always a bit shocked when you take the time to smile at them..have you noticed that? LOL! Sort of sad in a way that we have become such an isolated world. Anyway, my health...I have managed to stay out of the hospital so I am VERY happy! However, the Myastenia gravis is progressing. I hope to be able to start some new medication in mid March that will help with the Myastenia Gravis so please continue to keep me and my husband too in your prayers. Your prayers and letters of support truly keep me going :) As someone told me, just think of it as Jesus squeezing you a bit too tightly right now. If I imagine that, then I feel better because I know that I am save in Christ's arms. Thank you for sharing that with me..and I hope someone else will also get comfort from that image. Until next month...may God grace your lives and comfort you...Gentle hugs, Shelley


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