Monday, November 10, 2008

January 2004 ...At least I was in church :)'s been a rough couple of months. First of all. I hope each and every one of you has had a most Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I hope this New Year is filled with love, happiness, good health and PEACE for all. (Not too much to ask, huh??)
I had a stroke on Christmas Eve while attending Mass. I guess if one is going to have a stroke...being in God's house is probably one of the better places. Fortunately, I didn't sustain too much damage afterwards. I did have to undergo a three day blast of steroids (UGH!!) and also have to take a third chemotherapy agent to try and get the central nervous system inflammation under control. (My lupus attacks my brain and central nervous system and the "chemo" helps to attack the lupus)
It is a bit harder for me to figure things out. I get frustrated a lot easier.
I am so lucky that God has blessed me with such a patient and loving husband. Sometimes I think that it is truly harder for Tom to endure this than it is for me. I definitely believe it is harder for loved ones to watch their loved one suffer. Moms want to "kiss it and make it better"...dads will go the distance to find what's "broken and "fix it" Husbands close their eyes and pray...let my wife wake up in the morning...just a simple prayer...nothing more...Well, you get what I am trying to say...I hope :)
Thank you to all who take the time out to send a note or who sign the guestbook. I really appreciate it :) My website is truly a labor of love and sometimes it is a struggle to keep it going but I just ask God to continue to direct and inspire me.
Please be kind to one another. Smile at a stranger :) Open a door for someone. Just treat others as you would want others to treat you...or your grandmother...or your daughter...
Well, I should end for now. Please keep us in your prayers.


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