Monday, November 10, 2008

June 2007: Remembering Our Heavenly Father on Dad's Day

Again, a blink of the eye...and whoosh...where does the time go??? Before I know it, Christmas will be here again!!
First, I must apologize for not updating my site more often but I just have not been feeling very well. I can deal with the general aches and pains of lupus but have some trouble dealing with the "brain" problems of the stroke. I have been having lots of headaches and when I get those, I just can not deal with the computer (or really much of anything...) and the past few months seem to be dealing with one "mini crisis" after another...nothing major...just little falling down the stairs...breaking a toe...stuff like that...just enough to make life interesting :)
Anyway, I did want to write about Father's Day. We all, of course, remember our "earthly" Fathers on Father's Day...but, please, remember our "spiritual" Father...this Father's Day. Just a simple THANK YOU or an I LOVE YOU would be a wonderful Father's Day gift to the most loving and giving of fathers, don't you think??
That was really all I had to say...not much to report...have a WONDERFUL summer...stay safe...please be kind to one at someone today...DO a random act of KINDNESS....Spread LOVE into the world and love will return to you ten fold!!
Thanks TO ALL who sign the guestbook and to those who take the time to send private notes of encourgement.
Gentle hugs,


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