Monday, November 10, 2008

April 2002 Where Does the Time Go?

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter Season. I was just remarking to a friend recently that time really does seem to fly by. It seems it was just Christmas and now we are headed into Summer...Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and all of the rest of the summer holidays. Remember when we were kids and the summer seemed to go on FOREVER???? Of course, now most schools are year 'round so I guess it doesn't seem that way to kids now....Thanks to all of you who continue to send me encouraging emails and prayers. You will NEVER realize how very important they are to my overall well being. There are so many studies out there which state that people who have strong faith and pray generally fare better during their illness. I firmly believe that attitude really does make a difference. People always can you be so upbeat and positive....(well, I truthfully tell them that I have my moments as those who love and know me will tell you...); However, I really think that being negative, sullen, or angry is not going to make me feel any better and it will REALLY bug the people who are around me (who wants to be around a grouchy, cranky person????) Also, people ask how can Tom or I remain positive? The answer is the truest definition of FAITH. One must have faith to put one's life in God's hands. Of course, faith is combined with medical care and LOTS of education about one's disease. In addition, it is so important to have support from family, friends, and others.My health status hasn't really changed. My vision continues to worsen which really scares me. I am also getting a lot of my old central nervous system involvement symptoms back as I start to slowly go down on the steroids. In order to hopefully alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms which can also mimic a lupus flare, I am now on TWO different kinds of chemo. Thankfully, my hair has started to grow back and doesn't seem to be falling out at such a rapid rate so perhaps this chemo is not as "toxic" as the other kind.In closing, I want to remind you that May is the month of Mary. How fitting that Mother's Day is also in May for as in says in the bible....This is your Mother....Mother, this is your son. I am paraphrasing here but Jesus says this as he is dying on the crucifix. I hope that all of you has some sort of Mother in your lives. Perhaps your biological mother is no longer a part of your life (due to death or a multitude of reasons)....I am sure that if you look at your relationships hard will find at least one (and most likely several) person(s) who fit the role of mother. I not only have my biological mom but also a Godmother, a special aunt, and several special friends whom I all think of as "motherly". Most special of all, though, is Our Heavenly Mother, Mary. I was going through a tough time a few years ago and my parents were on the other side of the country....I was quite ill and for a while the docs thought I might have cancer. I was terrified. I went to Confession and spoke to the priest who gave me some wonderful advice which I wish to share with you....he said that Mary is always there to intercede for us to God....Mary is our spiritual mother and once I thought about it...I really did feel so much better! Anyway, this Mother's Day, reach out to ALL whom "mother" you...and say a special prayer to Mary.Until next time,Shelley


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