Monday, November 10, 2008

January 2003 We All Have Crosses

Whew! I NEVER thought I was going to be able to update this website. First of all, thank all of you for being so worried about me! Yes :( I have been away from the computer as I was ill. Actually, I had to have my other hip replaced. In August, my other hip turned to dust (doesn't sound as painful that way..) I had to wait, though, until mid November to have the hip replacement surgery.Then in September I had a series of small strokes call TIAs...nothing really serious but still kind of scary...actually I think it was scarier for my poor husband than for me.During this, I developed a very bad upper respiratory infection (I already have difficulty breathing so any additional "problems" make it extremely challenging)I pretty much was not only homebound but was relegated to an area to the family room (I pretty much lived in the Lazy Boy Recliner for about four months) I was in SO much pain...I can not even begin to describe how painful it was...and not to be able to work on this web site was truly frustrating. I really felt cut off from everyone and everything.I just kept having to remind myself to put my trust in God...and sometimes that is hurt when it HURTS so much...but those where the times when I would just have to rely on faith alone or else I do not know how I would have lasted.Tom and I have had long talks...we all have crosses...each and every one of us. Crosses come in all shapes and sizes...they come at different times in our lives. Keep the faith and as always try to deal with anything you must face with grace and courage.As a side note, besides having health problems, I had some problems with my web server took a few (ahem) months to get things straightened out but I think that things are now back to HOPFULLY, I will be able to update on a regular basis.So, keep us in your prayers and we will keep all of you in our prayers.Until next month...Gentle hugs,


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